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Boris Netsvetaev is a jazz musician, composer, pianist and keyboarder. He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he studied music theory/composition at the Rhymsky-Korsakov music college, but later moved to Germany in the age of 18, to continue his jazz studies at the Music and Theatre University of Hamburg. Boris Netsvetaev studied with Dieter Glawischnig (piano, arrangement), Wolfgang Schlüter and Lucas Lindholm (ensemble), he also participated an International Jazz Workshop at Banff (Canada) in 1999 where he studied with Joe Lovano, Dave Holland, Ken Werner, Dave Douglas, Hugh Fraser and Ari Hoenig.

Throughout his life and music career he collected many different impressions and a great professional and human experience, all that shaped him to a very flexible musician, who´s able to be creative in almost any kind of setting.

Recently Boris Netsvetaev is working with his own Projects „Souldacity“ and a string-piano trio with violin and cello, where he connects jazz with classical chamber music. Since 2015 he is a pianist with the Hamburg Gipsy-Jazz star-guitarist Giovanni Weiss. Collaborations with german gipsy violinist Sandro Roy and Hamburg saxophonist Gabriel Coburger are also have to be mentioned .


Hammer Klavier Trio is a main project led by Boris Netsvetaev. Boris Netsvetaev is playing piano and keyboards and keytar, also writing the most of the compositions the trio is performing. The other musicians are Philipp Steen (acoustic and electric basses) and Kai Bussenius (drums). Those three have created a very unusual and extended trio sound, far beyond the traditional clichés. The music of Hammer Klavier Trio is crossing borders between different sounds and styles, the trio members are using acoustic and electric instruments and putting into the music influences from everywhere.

Boris‘ other important musical accompanist was the German vibraphone legend Wolfgang Schlüter (1933-2018). Boris Netsvetaev was the pianist in the Wolfgang Schlüter Quartet with the rhythm section of the Hammer Piano Trio. This band has made three recordings – a live set from the Hamburg Jazztage Jazzfestival, a studio recording with the NDR Big Band and a studio recording with the string orchestra of the JNP and guests. Another album called „Breathing as one“ was recorded as a duet by Wolfgang Schlüter and Boris Netsvetaev. All published by Skip Records.

Souldacity a Jazz-Soul-Funk Fusion Quartet…creating a sound that tingles the musical senses of anyone who loves music! Darrin Lamont Byrd (vocals) and Boris Netsvetaev (keyboards) met at König der Löwen in 2012 and started doing music events together. Soon Boris introduced Darrin to Kai Bussenius (drums) and Phil Steen (bass) and a collaboration was born. SOUL-AUDACITY combined to mean the boldness of soul, is where the name comes from. Souldacity aims to reinvent old classics while writing new songs to our own unique style of doing music. We are a Band for hire which continues to push the boundaries of Art & Music. Our musical tastes vary deep and wide from Miles Davis to Chic Corea and not forgetting Al Jarreau and adding Bill Withers to the mix. You can read more about this project here.

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The first notable step in his career was the collaboration with the US drummer veteran Steve Reid, which started in 2000 and continued until Steve´s death in 2010. Boris was a member of several groups led by Steve, including his acoustic trio (CD´s „Waves“ and „Invitation“ CPR Records), his quartet and a recent „Steve Reid Ensemble“ featuring a brilliant electronic musician Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet). With the Steve Reid Ensemble Boris has recorded 2 CD/LPs, „Spirit Walk“ in London (Souljazz, 2005) and „Daxaar“ (Domino, 2007/08), this recording was made in Dakar, Senegal and it features some of the local african musicians, „Daxaar“ was well received by both, critics and listeners, this recording has sold over 7000 copies in the US.

The Steve Reid Ensemble has performed on the diverse international jazz festivals, it was touring the UK twice (the first time along the famous BBC DJ Gilles Peterson), Spain and other countries. The Steve Reid Ensemble has made it´s last recording in 2009 in New York, where the band was touring. Unfortunately this one still remains unreleased due to sudden death of Steve Reid.

Boris Netsvetaev worked together with Steve Reid, Billy Harper, Howard Johnson, Kieran Hebden, Herb Geller, Lew Soloff, FrancoAmbrosetti, Wolfgang Schluter, Rolf Kühn, Till Brönner, Danny Gottlieb, John Marshall, Keith Copeland, Kazunori Kumagai, NDR Big Band and many others. He also performed on diverse jazz festivals, such as Lugano Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Tampere Jazz Festival, Festival Banleus Bleues in Paris, Akbank Jazzfestival in Istanbul, Jazzbaltika, Leverkusener Jazztage, Hamburger Jazztage (3 times), Überjazz Hamburg (2 times), Elbjazz Hamburg (3 times), Enjoy Jazz Mannheim, Ingolstädter Jazztage and so on. He also prformed for the NDR Television with his own band in Hamburg and twice for the BBC radio (Gilles Peterson Worldwide) with Steve Reid in London.

Boris Netsvetaev was awarded the „MEDICA pro musica“ price in 2000 and the „Dr. Langner Jazzstipendium“ (Dr. Langner Jazzgrant) in 2006.

Boris´s professional interests are going far beyond the „normal“ jazz world. Boris Netsvetaev works also with pop musicians from time to time, and recently as a classical composer. The music he has written for the classical trumpet player Jeroen Berwarts was performed by a brass ensemble led by Jeroen at the Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival in 2012.

In 2010 Boris Netsvetaev became the very first musician, who made an official appearence at the Hamburg new concerthall the Elbphilharmonie, which was still under construction at this time.

upcoming events

4.10.2020 – 20:00 „CHARLIE PARKER -A 100 CELEBRATION“ feat. Luigi Grasso, Gabriel Coburger, Lorenz Hargassner, Anna-Lena Schnabel (Alto Saxophones) Boris Netsvetaev (Piano) Tilman Oberbeck (Bass) Dirk-Achim Dhonau (Drums) Fabrik, Barnerstr. 36, Hamburg

9.10.2020 – 20:00 OXANA VOYTENKO -BORIS NETSVETAEV DUOLOGY Oxana Voytenko (vocals). Boris Netsvetaev (piano) Jazzclub Garbsen, Planetenring 7

13.10.2020 – 20:25 CLEMANCE MANACHÈRE – UNTERWASSER Streaming Concert Cleménce Manachère (flute), Kamil Khusiainov (tenor sax), Boris Netsvetaev (piano), Nico Bauckholt (bass), Moritz Hamm (drums), Patrik Huss (perc.). Watch at

23.10.2020 – 18:00 & 20:00 OXANA VOYTENKO -BORIS NETSVETAEV DUOLOGY Oxana Voytenko (vocals). Boris Netsvetaev (piano) Tschaikowski Saal, Tschaikowski Platz 2, Hamburg

25.10.2020 – 20:00 JAZZKOMBINAT HAMBURG FEAT. FAY CLAASSEN Fabrik, Barnerstr. 36, Hamburg

27.10.2020 – 20:25 BORIS NETSVETAEV WITH STRINGS(NEW PROJECT!) Streaming Concert Boris Netsvetaev (piano,comp.), David Movsisyan (violin), Hanno Kuhns (cello). Watch at

6.11.2020 – 18:30 & 21:00 NDR BIG BAND/ TINI THOMSEN Rolf Liebermann Studio, Oberstraße 120, Hamburg

7.11.2020 – 19:00 JULIE SILVERA QUARTETJulie Silvera (voc), Boris Netsvetaev (piano), Oliver Karstens (bass), Moritz Hamm (drums) Birdland, Gärtnerstraße 122, Hamburg

25.11.2020 – 18:30 & 21:00 NDR BIG BAND „BIRD @ 100“ HOMMAGE AN CHARLIE PARKER Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, Hamburg

10.12.2020 – 18:30 & 21:00. NDR BIG BAND „BIRD @ 100“ HOMMAGE AN CHARLIE PARKER Rolf Liebermann Studio, Oberstraße 120, Hamburg

11.12.2020 – 20:00. NDR BIG BAND „BIRD @ 100“ HOMMAGE AN CHARLIE PARKER. Funkhaus Hannover, Großer Sendesaal, Rudolf-von-Benningsen Ufer 22, Hannover